A Parable- Season III

First, I sincerely apologise for posting after a while. 

When I was in the 11th standard and I always missed the tuition classes(6 am in the morning) on a regular basis sometimes due to rain,lethargicness,etc. So,one day the teacher asked the reason as to why I missed classes regulary. I muttered, “Sir, I cannot wake up early in the morning!” He chuckled and narrated the story of a boy whom he taught Mathematics and whose words still give him goose bumps!

Most of us donot take our sophomore year seriously. But,there was this particular boy who was always consistent and came regulary to the class even if it rained cats and dogs or even if he suffered from acute/chronic illnesses.
So, on his last class the teacher said to him, “How did you manage to not even miss a single class? Why are you being so persistent and punctual in the 11th standard itself?”.

He smiled and replied, “Sir, When the seeds of grain are sown in the soil, they are subject to annihilation. So,if they are not taken care of in the initial stage,they become vulnerable to pests and insects. And once that happens,they never sprout and grow up. These seeds are my dreams! If I donot nurture and nourish them now, they will never show up in the future. And, if I take care of them from the initial stage itself, one day the seeds will sprout and grow up to be large wheat plants and no pest/insect will be able to destory it!”.

Sir was awestruck and didn’t say anything for a minute.
He was actually taking about his dream of becoming a successful engineer. He studied his 11/12th religiously and rigorously. He never made his attempts ephemeral. And it was his this dream,his passion,his will and determination that facilitated him to clear IIT-JEE and later on, his hard work and efforts fetched him a seat for masters in the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Cambridge, USA.
His dedication in the past is all what made him what he is today. His journey from a small seed to a full-fledged brightly shining wheat plant swaying merrily in the fields under the luminous blue sky!

Lesson of the dayDo not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. – William Butler Yeats


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