A Parable – season 2

It’s been a year I started working with an NGO concerned with environmental issues and awareness towards deteriorating condition of ecosystem.

Since its very inception people used to told us,
-” you are going to be failed miserably in this task”
– ” this is an overwhelming challenge to plant trees ”
– ” Why do you want to make change when everyone else is polluting?”
– ” stop trying because it would be futile to educate masses about environment when they don’t have sustenance”

Nonetheless with all the demotivation, discouragement and disappointment by our society, a little parable helps me to figure this out dilemma and invariably fills me with brimming enthusiasm.

The Small bird & forest fire

There was a huge forest fire that caused all the animals to flee. During all that chaos, when everyone was running away trying to escape, a small bird is flying towards the fire with a drop of water in its beak in an attempt to extinguish it. The other animals laughed and said you havent got any power, you cant do anything to stop it, just run away like everyone else. The small bird replied that when the fire does eventually die out, I want my name to be included in the list of those who helped extinguish it.

#never stop trying
#Being Relentless


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